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This blog is ran by two DC fans, a "real life" Dick and Babs, who are dating. Most of this blog will be dedicated to Dick and Babs but we will post other DC-related stuff as well. Contains occasional NSFW.

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Just got an idea you guys.

So you know how in young justice Robin (Dick and Tim) both wear sunglasses? I think it’s to counter the domino masks colors. If anyone just got lost with that let me explain. Hopefully it makes sense. Like the eye patch for pirates the same goes for the glasses. Or when you have a certain colored goggles on for swimming and you take them off everything is colorful. Just my random thoughts. Goodnight everyone.


ya know what I need?


some asks. yea that would be terrific

I’ll trade you question for question.

Hello everyone.

How have you been? It’s been a while don’t you think? I was wondering if anybody had questions for either myself or Babs. Personal or Rp. I’d like a couple. :p If you guys don’t mind. Thanks guys. :)